shutterstock_102307795Once you lose a tooth, the immediate solution is to replace it, especially if it is a front tooth. But what happens, when you lose a tooth that is not visible when you smile? The tendency is generally to ignore it. However, any missing tooth can have a negative impact on your quality of life, as well as dental and oral health. When we chew, a healthy tooth strengthens the quality of the bone; similar to how exercise protects against bone loss. Furthermore, when a tooth is missing, healthy teeth tend to shift position towards the gap due to bone loss, affecting how our upper and lower teeth meet. This may affect how we place pressure on the teeth when chewing, and have an impact on surrounding muscles and joints, resulting in pain and various other symptoms such as headaches or migraines. Hence, each tooth plays an important role in ensuring that teeth in front of and behind it stay in alignment, and maintaining the health of the jaw bone. Modern dental technology can restore your quality of life with teeth that are strong and that look and feel natural.

Dental implants offer you many advantages

Why you shouldn’t  ignore missing teeth.

The loss or damage of even a single tooth can have a considerable impact on everyday life and self-esteem. People lose there teeth for many reasons.Sometimes duo to an accident, or illness. Other people simply inherit poor teeth. Whatever the reasons,the consequences can have a negative impact on your quality of life. you may no longer eat many of the food you enjoyed. Self- conscious about your appearance, you may even stop laughing and smiling spontaneously.

Fortunately, modern dentistry offers a variety of ways to restore damaged teeth or replace missing teeth

Clinica Dental Fañabe Plaza  has the solution  that is right for you.

A ceramic crown restores any tooth that is destroyed or damaged. It is individually made to match the shade and contour of your natural teeth, so practically no one can tell the difference.

1. Restoring a damaged tooth: crown on a natural tooth. Here, the tooth is ground down far enough so that a new crown can be placed on the remaining, healthy natural structure. This provides a strong, natural foundation for the new crown.

2. Replacing a missing tooth: crown on implant. If you are missing one tooth including the root, dental crown is attached to a dental implant. The implant serves as a foundation for a dental crown. This meted does not  affect your other healthy adjacent teeth.

Dental implants offer you many advantages

Dental implants are accepted by dental professionals for over 40 years, as a successful and trusted method of tooth replacement used today.

Act like your natural tooth root. You do not feel the difference.

Are made of biocompatible materials. As a result, they are accepted by your body.

Your implant can actually last a lifetime with proper care and good oral hygiene.

Are minimally invasive. Your adjacent healthy teeth are untouched. Because unlike conventional bridges, there is no need to grind down adjacent natural teeth.

Maintain natural bone, and minimize further bone loss due to bone stimulation — one of their most important advantages.

Provide stability and comfort, with no adjustment necessary after placement.

Crown Abutment Implant Implants act like your natural tooth roots and support your individually made ceramic crown or bridge.

An attractive smile reflects a healthy life.

A healthy smile means enjoying life to the fullest. Attractive, natural-looking teeth help us look and feel our best. They let us enjoy the foods we love; as well as allow us to be naturally confident where it really counts: at home, on the job, or on the playing field, but especially on the inside.
Clinica Dental Fañabe Plaza can halp

Today, modern dental restorations help thousands of people improve their lives. With the latest technologies and materials, individual teeth – or even entire rows of teeth – can be replaced for a natural-looking appearance and restored function.

We invite you to learn more about the many options available to you. Ask ours professionals about regaining a natural, self-confident smile.