Which is the right solution for me?

If you have lack of only one tooth, several or even all teeth, visit  our Dental Clinic  where you will find the right oral rehabilitation solution with implants for your case. Recover your quality of life and smile once again with confidence!


Only one tooth missing

Which is the right solution for me?

When you lose a visible tooth the solution is to replace it immediately. However, if it isn’t a front tooth and don´t compromises too much your smile, the tendency is generally to ignore it. A missing tooth, visible or not, should be replaced, because in a long term could have a negative impact in oral health.

In case you have only one missing tooth, the best solution is to replace it by an implant. The implant serves as foundation for a dental crown, which replaces aesthetically and functionally the natural tooth. The crown is made to match the shade and shape of your natural teeth, so no one will note the difference. This solution also allows you to preserve the healthy adjacent teeth.

Several teeth missing

Which is the right solution for me?

In case you have one or more teeth missing, the right solution for you is to replace them with a bridge supported by implants.

The bridge is a durable solution, which benefit from all implants’ advantages, namely preventing the lost of bone and preserving the healthy adjacent teeth. At same time this works like natural teeth at a both functional and aesthetic level.

All teeth missing

Which is the right solution for me?

The loss of all teeth is usually a cause of psychological stress that affects the quality of life and self-confidence. For many people with this problem, the use of traditional removable dentures is inconvenient and painful.

Is your denture causing you pain? The inappropriate fit requires that you use an uncomfortable dental adhesive? Does your denture prevent you to speak or eat correctly, causing you social embarrassment?

If this is your case, choose a fixed prosthesis supported by implants, which will allow you to recover your self-confidence. The All-on-4® surgical protocol can be the right solution for you. You can go back to eat, speak and smile with confidence!

We are aware of the power and the crucial role of the patient’s information when facing some treatments that surpass the average of the “popular complexity”.

Surgery is an invasive procedure and as such often give rise to anxiety and fear in patients. As a result, many patients who would be ideal patients for high quality restoration do not have the restorative procedures done from misinformation and fear of the unknown.

Our goal is help our patients avoid the fears before they occur and to be there for the patients. Our secret: communication. We patiently explain all aspects of the procedures, outline the various treatment options and their advantages and answer all patient questions in an effort to lessen the psychological fears.

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Thanks to the changes that have taken place in the last 20 years  around implantology, the word implant has become a household word. Many patients ask specifically for implants when they come to the clinic.

At the Clinic we have all the diagnostic tools to turn a series of appointments focused on the replacements of missing tooth areas using implants into something motivating and exiting for the patient. We use three-dimensional simulations of the surgery as well as direct patient participation in the design of the future smile to turn a concept hitherto shadowed by fear and uncertainty into a routine visit. Patients are well-informed about their procedure before it takes place.

Thanks to the continuous  professional training of our medical team in pioneering techniques – treatments such as apicoectomy, bone graft and regeneration, wisdom tooth extraction and others – cases may be resolved satisfactorily with minimum risk of post-operative  issues such as inflammation and especially the dreaded infection.