Who we are

IntroThe Clinic opened its doors in 2002 with an area of 150m2,  offering high quality dental  treatments totally pain free with maximum comfort for the patient. One year later we created a Dental Laboratory for all kinds of prosthesis. We use the best materials available in the market to guarantee top quality finish. Two years later the Clinic grew, adding an area of 450m2 and employing additional qualified doctors. Today the Clinic offers  7 dental chairs, 1 RX Room, 2 Sterilizations rooms (to guarantee optimal desinfection and protection against every desease), 2 waiting rooms, 4 bathrooms, 1 office, 4 fixed European denstists throughout the entire year , 1 orthodontist, 1 dental hygienist, 1 oral surgeon and implantologist, 1 receptionist, and 3 highly-qualified dental assistants who can attend patients in their own language.


Our objective is to treat every kind of patient  in their own language, resolve every kind of dental emergency even on days-off (Christmas day, Easter…..) and week-ends. The Clinic is flexible about treatment options. This includes patients whithout teeth being treated with implants and also patients with less bone than normal or with unfavorable anatomic conditions. We can guarantee excellent cosmetic results by reconstructing the original smile of the patients.